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June 28th, 2011

So…here’s the lowdown on the food (aka il cibo):  it’s all amazing!  That being said, I’m a pizza/pasta kinda girl.  But even their paninis, which are really just sandwiches, are really good.  Here are the highlights:

Everything is a little different here...Italy does the natural sugar deal. But Fanta is by far the most different. It's not neon orange, and it's 12% orange juice. And delicious!

I believe this is called a cortolino. It's a chicken sandwich with lettuce on it, grilled panini style. The first time I've even seen chicken on a menu.

This was my first food in Italy: a pizza margarita. It was absolutely delicious, and possibly the best thing I've had this far.

This has been my favorite pasta dish so far: really thick noodles with a slightly spicy sauce. It was amazing.

Last, but certainly not least, is gelato. In America they make it seem like gelato is this really dense, thick, rich ice cream. Here, it's kind of just ice cream. But with huge flavor.

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