My month in Italy

La Bella Vita – The Beautiful Life

The End Of The Days

July 14th, 2011

Today I took my final for Italian 202, and tomorrow at 12:30 I’ll be done with classes here forever!  It’s a weird realization that I’ll be heading home in just a few days.  I’ve really grown to love this town, and I feel as comfortable here as I do at home, or in Fredericksburg.  All the people I’ve been traveling with are super fun, and I’m going to miss seeing them every day.   I’ve also made a few friends in Orvieto, including a man who owns a pastry shop, a lady who works at a pizza place, a man who works at a leather shop, and a couple american guys from culinary schools working abroad here.  My last week has been packed with trying to get everything done, buying last minute gifts, going back to the restaurants we like the most, and trying to hang out with everybody as much as we can.  It’s flying by, but I’m enjoying every second of it.

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